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What is Fortuno?

Fortuno Markets is an STP trading platform made for all types of traders, whether they are beginners or experts. Our platform provides the best trading accounts in the industry to meet different trading needs. We take into consideration the different requirements of traders to give them a great trading experience. Whether you’re new to trading or already have lots of experience, Fortuno Markets has the perfect trading solution for you.

What We Provide

Fortuno Markets presents an array of account categories, cutting-edge trading software, and a suite of tools meticulously designed to empower both individual and institutional traders in the realm of online Forex and Derivatives trading. Whether you’re a Retail trader, an Affiliate, or seeking a White Label solution, our platform extends a gateway to diverse spreads and exceptional liquidity through cutting-edge automated trading platforms.


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Drawing upon extensive years of active trading across diverse platforms and markets, the forward-thinking and dynamic management team at Fortuno Markets identified the mounting challenges faced by conventional web-based forex brokers. These challenges encompassed trade execution delays, frequent system downtimes, and a noticeable lack of quality customer service.

In response, Fortuno Markets is positioned to spearhead a new era, propelled by cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking systems solutions, competitive commissions, and an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. This visionary approach stems from a profound understanding of the evolving trading landscape, ensuring that Fortuno Markets stands as a beacon of progress and excellence in the industry.

Fortuno is trusted by 1+ million users in 20+ countries

Fortuno Markets is a popular and reliable website used by over 1 million individuals across 20+ countries.

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Our Values are the way we consistently achieve our Mission.

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Our goal is to provide a premier experience and service.

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Experience the assurance of a secure trading platform for forex transactions.

STP Trading Platform

STP brokers route all of their clients’ trades directly to the market, without taking the other side of the trade themselves. Resulting in tight spreads and the ability to trade in large volumes.