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Broaden the scope of your investment portfolio by incorporating Contracts for Difference (CFDs) tied to the stocks of globally recognized and prominent corporations like Apple, Amazon, and Meta. Engage in trading with exceptional trading conditions that enhance your trading experience.


Ultra-fast execution

Low spreads

Low commission

Trade on both rising and falling prices

24/7 dedicated support

Portfolio diversification


Engaging in Stock CFD trading opens up a realm of opportunities for traders to partake in stock trading activities and potentially capitalize on price fluctuations, all without the necessity of owning the actual underlying asset. The advent of CFDs has revolutionized market accessibility, rendering it more economical and time-effective for traders.

The price of each stock is responsive to a myriad of variables, including corporate announcements, earnings reports, and broader market trends.

Traders can make strategic moves by adopting long or short positions, thus harnessing the potential of both ascending and descending stock prices. If the projection is for a price increase, a long position (buy) can be initiated; conversely, if an anticipation of price decline exists, a short position (sell) is chosen. Ultimately, the profit or loss incurred hinges on the disparity between the opening and closing prices of the CFD position.


Before trading, learn the basics of stock trading. Then, open an Fortuno Live or Demo Account and choose your trading platform. Last, select your stock and open your first position. Monitor the markets, analyze stock charts, and stay updated on relevant news and events that can impact stock prices.

Please find below the trading hours for CFD stocks:
EU 7:00 -15:24:59 GMT
US 13:31 – 19:54:59 GMT