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Copy Trading revolutionizes the trading landscape by empowering individuals of all skill levels to effortlessly follow seasoned traders, known as Master Trader, and replicate their successful trades.



Terms and Conditions Apply



Terms and Conditions Apply



When you follow a Master Trader, the platform replicates their trades in your account in real-time, allowing you to benefit from their trading strategy without actively managing your trades. It’s important to note that while you can automatically copy the trades of a strategy provider, you still retain full control over your trading account. You can set parameters such as the amount of capital you want to allocate, risk management settings, and the ability to stop the copying process at any time. Traders also have the option to set a “Follow amount” allocated to invest with a chosen Master (positions opened proportionally to the equity of the Money Manager).



Would you like to showcase your trading skills to the world? Become a Master Trader and demonstrate your strategy. Allow other traders to replicate your trades and earn a performance fee (up to 50%) for your successful trades. Alternatively, follow a Master Trader’s strategy with a selected budget.

Why Copy Trading With Fortuno Markets?


As a Master Trader, you can easily develop your profile on Fortuno Markets. Thousands of traders use the Fortuno platform daily.


As a Master Trader, you can have unlimited amount of followers.


As a Master Trader, you can set your performance fee up to 50% and get paid for profitable trades daily.


As a Followers, you can retain control of risk management for your account while replicating trades from others.


As a followers, you can avoid the need for in-depth market analysis and crafting your own strategies.


You can use the Fortuno Markets copy trade platform without any platform fees, both for master traders and followers.

Disclaimer: Trading CFDs and Forex is risky. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Frequently asked questions

Social trading / Copy Trading is a method of investing in the financial markets where inexperienced traders, or followers who don’t have time to do extensive research or who want to diversify their portfolio, can copy the trades of experienced traders, also known as money manager or copy trade master. Both parties can earn from profitable trades. The trade copier (followers) uses the service to select a money manager (master) to follow, and the strategy is the measure of the money manager's performance. When the money manager makes a profit, they also earn a commission, also known as performance fee, which can be from 0%-50% and is obtained at the end of a trading period.

Being a money manager comes with numerous benefits. These include the potential to earn more profit, the ability to build social trading networks, the chance to establish oneself as a top strategist with a proven track record, and the convenience of trading on-the-go with the mobile Social Trading app. Other benefits include regular daily commission (performance fee) payouts, the flexibility to control your performance fee rates and set a minimum investment amount, and access to Fortuno's award-winning support and infrastructure.

When a money manager, also known as a copy trade master, executes a profitable trade, the performance fee will be automatically deducted from the followers' profits and added to the money manager's live account (master copy trade) within a maximum of one day after the trade is executed.

No, a money manager (master copy trade) will not earn profits when their trades are at a loss. The money manager only receives a performance fee from their followers (investors) when their trades are profitable.